The peak

Today I decided to write this poem about how I want to continue on in my daily routines, now that lockdown in the United Kingdom is slowly coming to an end.
Sometimes we can all feel we have got to where we want to be in life and then decide to stop, but I believe we should keep moving forward, pushing on and looking for that little bit extra. This is what keeps you and I going and wakes us up in the mornings.

I have a task for you to do and I will join in as well; no matter what your lifestyle is like just try to make everything you do enjoyable to the best you can. Let’s see if it changes how you feel towards daily tasks;
Does it turn the mundane into something you are glad to do because of what it must mean you have in life?
Does it make you more grateful that you are able to do such things so the chore itself is no longer taxing?
Has it made you look around and not only realise how little others may have, but has it made you take note of just how filthy rich with life you are?
Has it made you a more content and kind person along the way?

From this week on I’m going to post once a week on my blog, so you don’t miss anything and as you can see from the past posts, I’m adding more than just a poem. I want you to enjoy the full blog so please if you want me to do a poem, or you have an idea what I can write about on this blog, let me know in the comments below.
Happy reading, keep enjoying life and remember to keep moving.

Mark Quinn has always been creative. A strong desire to fulfil a childhood dream is what spurred him on to write and self-publish his first book back in 2012. He lives in Manchester, England, with his lovely wife and furry and feathered friends.


Life poem

This week’s poem comes from deep within my positive attitude and means a lot to me.
I’m a person of charts, progress and most of all, being positive. Before I started writing I had several business and entrepreneurial ventures, some successful and some not. That is why it’s important not to live above your means and always have a plan, just in case something was to happen or as they say “that rainy day”.
You should always have a plan in the back of your mind, big or small, just in case things start to change or a problem just pops up. These days things change a lot and quickly too; new ways of living and doing business; so you have to keep up. Buck-up or ship-out! But let’s not get negative, that’s a different post.
An easy way to keep your lifestyle is to live within it and don’t go buying those expensive things that you don’t really need. Use that spare cash to invest in you and your projects; even if you only have a little spare cash, open a savings account or pop it into a jar and resist from dipping in, because one day you might just need it.
About two years ago I wrote and published ‘Promoting Positivity’, a positive coffee table book, to give you that motivational and positive push we all need sometimes. It’s available with Amazon in paperback and on Kindle. You can find the link if go to the ‘menu’ tab then click on ‘About Mark and his books’.
I would love to hear if you have any plans and how you stay positive. Please leave a comment in the section below and you can also contact me via Instagram @bookmarkquinn.
Thanks for reading and remember, stay positive.

Available on Amazon

We all encounter negativity in our lives, some more than others. It’s easy to give in to that negativity and allow it to rule us but just think how amazing it would feel to overcome it and live a positive life. Just imagine the things we could achieve if we had positivity fighting our corner with us. Imagine the horrors we could deflect with a positive mind guiding us through the darkness.

This book is filled with 365 quotes all selected for their positivity and their ability to infuse your mind with ‘the right attitude’.
Read them all in one go or read one a day, the choice is yours. Why not conduct a ‘365 days of happiness’ experiment to see if you’re any different at the end of it…although I know you will be!

Wake up, smile and tell yourself: TODAY IS MY DAY!

Lives taken

May 22nd 2017 at 10:31pm, it was a Monday. Myself and my wife, Jeni, were working a late shift and we had just finished. I remember Jeni telling me that she had just given a friendly bear hug to the security guard.
We grabbed our coats and headed for the car; when we got home we watched a DVD that we were already half-way through then went to bed. We didn’t see or hear any news until the next morning.
We couldn’t believe it. How could someone walk into a children’s concert and do that? Children and parents who were waiting to go home after the Ariana Grande concert. Children, parents and workers just like me and you.
That person was no terrorist, he was purely and simply a cold blooded murderer.
About 14,000 people were in the Manchester Arena that fateful night and 22 of those died leaving 139, mostly children, injured.
Some of the families didn’t live in Manchester; they drove miles so their loved ones could enjoy a night out. A night that should have remained in their memories for all the right reasons.
So my poem is for us all to remember the 22 innocent souls and their families.
Manchester is a great city and we stand together stronger then ever.

You will always be in our hearts:

Saffie Rose Roussos
Martyn Hett
Georgina Callander
Olivia Campbell
Elaine Mclver
John Atkinson
Kelly Brewster
Alison Lowe
Lisa Lees
Marcin Kils
Angelika Kils
Nell Jones
Jane Tweedle-Taylor
Michelle Kiss
Sorrell Leczkowski
Chloe Rutherford
Liam Curry
Eilidh MacLeod
Wendy Fawell
Courtney Boyle
Philip Tron
Megan Hurley.


As it’s Mental Health Awareness Week I decided to do a second poem this week; I was only going to do one but I got an email from the business I work with explaining what is available online for people who need a bit of help to get them through this pandemic. I remember when I had a ‘meltdown’ (I have had a few) I rang up a helpline given to me by work. At the time I remember thinking, ‘this won’t help, it’s stupid’; but believe me it got me on the right track. They gave me some thinking excerises to do and different ways of thinking to practise. If you need to give it a go then look online.

I’m digressing now, where was I…oh yes…
So after receiving the helpline number I thought how nice it was. You don’t realise what other people are going through. Our minds are complex machines and we can’t all handle the same situation the same way. What might look easy to you might be difficult to someone else, and the other way around.
So next time you see someone that is not in the same normality of your lifestyle, show a bit of kindness…give them a smile.


Mental health issues

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week so I thought I would write a special poem for my blog.
I myself in the past have had a terrible time with my own mental health. Back in 2010 I had a variety of businesses and I believed that I was having a mental breakdown. I went to the doctor’s to find out what was wrong; I would wake up in the morning crying and couldn’t focus on anything, even making phonecalls, and that was a big part of my business life. My doctor told me it was stress and that people are all different, some can cope and some can’t; I was in the ‘can’t’ bracket. It was a very destructive feeling and it was having a very powerful impact on my daily life. To this day, I still get flashbacks and feelings regarding my business days. The doctor said to me that many years back people wouldn’t go to the doctor’s and seek help because they thought it seemed weak; believe me it is one of the strongest and bravest things you can do. You need to be strong to push forward and work on it, so if you feel you need to speak to someone do it today and remember you’re not alone. We are all in this together.


Writing things down really helps, it gets the thoughts and feelings out of your head; that’s just one of the reasons I started writing in the first place.
Recently I was reading a poem from my book, Life As We Know It; it’s on page 26 and entitled ‘Invisible’. I remember writing that poem while thinking of my dad and how people suffering with anxiety, depression and other mental problems find it difficult to explain it to others. Many years ago it was rare for people to go to their doctor with these sort of problems it was…”If we can’t see it, there’s nothing wrong with you.” Thankfully that’s all changed. People do understand more and you should let your feelings out, like I did.
Try writing them down; sometimes trying to reason with and figure out what’s going on in your head is like a whirlwind, it keeps repeating itself. So write how you feel down in a notebook, give it a go and believe me, it will help. It helped me.

My dream

Life As We Know It

Thank you for your continuing support on my new poetry book. You have all been fantastic. I can’t wait for us all to get to a new normality so we can see our families and friends again and so I can see my book on the bookshop shelves; it’s been a dream for me that I’ve kept alive for years.
The poems in the book come from a variety of things that have happened to me or thoughts I’ve had and experiences in my life; I hope that there is something you will connect with.
I’m not an intellectual poet; I write how I speak so it was a nightmare for my Jeni to edit at times! I’m a Manc and we have a special flow to our speech that I’ve tried to instill in my poetry.
I once got told that there is a story in us all, and that stayed with me. So get your pen and pad and start writing your own, like me. Just write down how it sounds in your head, then work on it afterwards. You can clear some of those thoughts out of your head that I know we all have.
Again, thank you for your continued support and if you can please leave a review on the platform you bought the book from – it really helps out and gives me valuable feedback.