My dream

Thank you for your continuing support on my new poetry book. You have all been fantastic. I can’t wait for us all to get to a new normality so we can see our families and friends again and so I can see my book on the bookshop shelves; it’s been a dream for me thatContinue reading “My dream”

The street poem

Walking down the street,cobbled stones beneath my feet.Houses built from stone and brick,the nosey neighbours don’t miss a trick.The street has only one blossoming tree;where the birds and wildlife are set free.On the street there are no cars;just happy people selling treatsstuffed into marmalade jars.On the street nothing happens that’s tragic –because the street isContinue reading “The street poem”

Stay safe

The streets are so empty and the world is so low,when will we get back our humanity glow?We all sit at home and think of the worstand keep ourselves protected from this deadly curse.We think of our families,we tighten our purse;we hope this doesn’t become any worse.So stick together in spirit and mindand someday soonContinue reading “Stay safe”